Chlorella Dosage and Reviews
Chlorella Dosage and Reviews
by Swanson Health • Jul 12, 2012

A lot is being said about Chlorella and the natural support that it gives for general health, energy, and cleansing among many other benefits, but how much should you take and which one is right for you? Well, there are a few main choices that would determine which one to stick with and there is a lot of personal opinion involved in those choices. As far as dosage, most products on the market recommend a total of 3 grams a day.

First, there are the options of the pure Chlorella… small tablets or powdered Chlorella, both with absolutely no other ingredients. The tablets are small enough where the Chlorella cells can be pressed together and they stay in a solid form without any other ingredients to hold them together, while the powder is just loose cells of Chlorella. Both are pure Chlorella and there are a lot of people that love that idea. But some people don’t care for mixing powders and some don’t like the idea of taking 15 tablets to get the recommended 3 grams daily.

Second, there are the Chlorella pills with “other ingredients”… they are larger tablets or capsules that simply need other things to hold them together because they won’t stay together on their own. Some people don’t like that there are other ingredients, but some prefer that they are larger pills so you don’t have to take as many pills per day (typically 6 of the 500 mg dose pills or 3 of the 1,000 mg pills instead of 15 of the little ones).

Any way you slice it, these are all very good and high quality options for Chlorella, but they are just different forms to match the variety of personal preferences that exist out there.

Broken Cell Wall ChlorellaHere's a few Chlorella customer reviews taken from our website about our Broken Cell Wall Chlorella:

"Love this product, I will never be without it! Swanson has the best prices and great quality.I believe this product has helped me greatly."
Reviewed by: RVEL
"The Swanson version is a GREAT deal and it is also 'Broken Cell Wall', unlike some store brands and without that, the body cannot truely absorb all the nutrients."
Reviewed by: 4EVERyoung
"I have been reading that this product takes aluminum out of the body. If this is true then it is taking other stuff out of the body also. That's why i have been using it for about two years."
Reviewed by: eltigre

"Excellent is all I have to say! For years I use to use all sorts of retail store vitamins and suppliments. Then I visited Swanson online. I read about Swanson Chlorella. It has everything I wanted in one product.
Reviewed by: sandflea


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