FDA Considers Genetically Engineered Salmon: Will GMO Meat be the Next Food Revolution?
FDA Considers Genetically Engineered Salmon: Will GMO Meat be the Next Food Revolution?
by Jenna M. • Sep 23, 2010

Genetically modified foods may soon be making room for a new kid in town: genetically engineered salmon. The FDA is in the process of considering the first ever animal-based genetically modified food, AquAdvantage Salmon (genetic modifications have been around in agricultural food production for years). While the debate is still ongoing, there is the lingering question of the nutritional value of the genetically engineered fish. as well as the implications to the natural health of consumers.

What does “genetically engineered” mean? According to CNN, “Genetic engineering entails introducing desirable traits of one living being into another, using recombinant DNA , or rDNA technology.” With the process of injecting growth hormones, salmon will be able to reach a state of maturity in 16 to 18 months, rather than the 30 months it takes with regular salmon.

Naturally, this will cause some concern for the general public. With foods being tampered with left and right in today’s world, adding animal-based genetically modified foods (that are approved by the FDA) to the mix is a giant leap – but in what direction?

What are your thoughts on introducing genetically modified salmon to consumers? Would you be comfortable getting your fish oil nutrition from genetically engineered salmon (either from eating the salmon or taking omega3 supplements derived from genetically engineered fish)?

Source: CNN

Looking for more information? Watch this video on Why You Should Not Eat GMO Foods.


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