Is Extended-Release Niacin the Same as No-Flush Niacin?
Is Extended-Release Niacin the Same as No-Flush Niacin?
by Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • Mar 2, 2011

Question: My naturopath wants me to take “extended release” niacin, 500 mg two times per day. Is that the same as “no-flush?”

The term “extended release” generally refers to a time-released supplement, and our no-flush niacin is not time released. However, the intended purpose of extended release niacin is usually to avoid the uncomfortable flush that can result from regular niacin. Instead of an extended release formula, we offer a form of niacin that is equally effective as nicotinic acid (niacin) but doesn't result in the flush, and it is called inositol hexaniacinate. This supplement is featured in our Swanson Ultra line, and each capsule provides 500 mg of niacin. Swanson Ultra Flush Free Niacin (Item SWU080) contains 120 capsules, and item Swanson Ultra Flush Free Niacin (Item SWU081) contains 240 capsules.


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