Raw Food Breakfast Smoothie Recipe
Raw Food Breakfast Smoothie Recipe
by Anthony N. • Mar 30, 2011
During my week on the raw food diet, breakfast was definitely my favorite meal of the day. Before the raw food diet, I would either skip breakfast or I would simply eat one piece of toast with organic peanut butter. I would also have a cup of coffee. During my week raw, I turned my attention to raw smoothies.

I'm going to show you the basic recipe I used for my raw breakfast smoothies. Each day, the recipe varied a bit to accommodate the ingredients that were in my kitchen. Also, I used a normal blender. I don't have a fancy juicer, food processor or anything like that. 

Raw Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

1 Banana (Feel free to store it in the freezer for a few hours for a colder smoothie)
1 Scoop Chia Seeds
Small handful of raw organic cashews
Small Handful of raw organic sunflower seeds
1 Tablespoon of raw organic coconut oil (I used Nutiva Brand)
3 Ice Cubes
1 Leaf of kale, finely chopped (I removed the stem)
Almond Milk (I didn't measure, but probably used about 1/4 cup)

raw green breakfast smoothieThis was the basic recipe I used everyday. On other days, I included strawberries, blueberries or apples. I also made some of them without the nuts because my kids liked them better when they were not chunky.

I thoroughly enjoyed my smoothie every morning. It was satisfying knowing I was getting some good fruits, veggies, healthy fats and some protein to start my day. A lot of these ingredients were featured on my 'Top Smoothie Ingredients' blog post. Check it out if you are looking for more smoothie ideas. Not all of the ingredients listed in that post are raw however.

I forgot to take the picture of the smoothie before I took my first sip. This image gives you a better idea of the consistency.
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